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Query Database - Brief Introduction

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Select a query form from the menu or click on the image.
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The following forms and information contents are provided:
Form Information
Genes and Operons gene and operon structure, genomic context, codon usage, GC content
Proteins (Regulators) amino acid sequence, structural and functional information, interactions with other proteins and DNA binding sites
TF Binding Sites information about DNA bindings sites of transcriptional regulators, sequence, genomic context, mode of interaction
Regulon List summary of all binding sites of one transcriptional regulator and corresponding regulated genes
Weight Matrices position weight matrices (PWMs) based on a set of aligned binding sites, sequence logos
Promoters architecture of promoters
Expression Profiles expression profiles based on published transcriptomics and protomics experiments
Statistics statistics of the current database content
Brief Introduction this help screen

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Gene Form

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Combined searches and the use of wild cards are possible:
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