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Step 1: Input DNA Sequence...

  Select PRODORIC Genome/Replicon:
 Select Genome/Replicon
 Gene Name/ORF ID   e. g. PA0815  Upstream Size   (100-10000)
 Genome Position (optionally)   -  
  Upload FASTA Sequence
 Open FASTA File
  Paste Raw Sequence
 Paste Sequence [Clear]

Step 2: Select Pattern and Start Searching...

Select Position Weight Matrices...
Position Weight Matrices Selected
 Position Weight Matrix:

 Weight Matrix Information:
 Sensitivity:  0.7-1.0    Non-Occurrence Penalty 
 Core Sensitivity/Size:  0.7-1.0    3-8
 Result Constraints:  Show Best   matches of one PWM    Show All Results 

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